Heads Up: Ann Taylor Loft Dress

Heads Up for this dress: Ann Taylor Loft Dress

Brand Name: Ann Taylor Loft

The garment: A black, tan and cream dress made                    hu7-24-2014i1l
from a blend of polyester, rayon & spandex. The care
label simply states: dry clean with the corresponding
International Code Symbol.

The problem: Tests show that during proper
professional drycleaning in any approved cleaning
solution the black fabric dye bleeds, resulting in
transfer of black color onto the lighter fabric panels.     hu7-24-2014i2l

Whos responsible? The manufacturer since the black
base fabric was not able to withstand any drycleaning
method without bleeding, fading and adverse dye

What to do: This dress should be returned to the
retailer or manufacturer.

RN#: None CA#: 57421
Ann Canada, Inc.
Wholesaler, Manufacturing, Retailer
5600-100 King Street West
Toronto, ON Canada M5X 1C9
Ph. (416) 642-2396 or 888-563-8444

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