Heads Up! For this Pink Tartan dress!

Heads Up! For This Dress

Brand Name: Pink Tartan
CA#: 39606 Joseph Mimran & Associates Inc.
Product Development-Designer-Retailer
20A Mowat Ave. Toronto, ON Canada M6K 3E8
Ph. 416-516-5233 Fax. 416-516-4113
www.pinktartan.ca & customerservice@pinktartan.com

The garment: A polyester, rayon & elastane black dress with white trim panels. The care label states dry clean only with proper corresponding International Code Symbols.

The problem: During professional dry cleaning, the black fabric dye bleeds out profusely resulting in the transfer of color onto the white trim fabric.

Who’s responsible? The manufacturer since the black fabric was not able to withstand the recommended care instructions without severe dye disturbance. What to do: This dress should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.


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