Dry Cleaning Ever Improving

Conference 01This week Fabricare presents our annual Dry Cleaning industry conference. We learn improved cleaning tactics, we learn about improved machines, we learn about industry software and apps to help us and our clients, we share industry issues and brainstorm ideas. This week is full of learning, networking, and overall – Making the Dry Clean Industry better than ever.

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At Geneva Cleaners, we want to assure you that we are always trying to improve your experience with us; from the car hop pick-up, to the front counter, to your text that your order is ready. We want to always be as current with technology as possible to offer you the best stain-fighting solutions, the best garment care solution, knowledge if a item won’t dry clean well, and beyond. And don’t forget, in the case of an emergency, our restoration services will help get your home back on track after a fire, smoke damage, or water infiltration.

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Oh yeah, don’t forget to pick-up your Swedish Days flyer when you come to Geneva Cleaners. It’s gonna be a fun time as always.


We wish you a wonderful Summer and hope to see you in the shop soon.


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Heads Up! For this Pink Tartan dress!

Heads Up! For This Dress

Brand Name: Pink Tartan
CA#: 39606 Joseph Mimran & Associates Inc.
Product Development-Designer-Retailer
20A Mowat Ave. Toronto, ON Canada M6K 3E8
Ph. 416-516-5233 Fax. 416-516-4113
www.pinktartan.ca & customerservice@pinktartan.com

The garment: A polyester, rayon & elastane black dress with white trim panels. The care label states dry clean only with proper corresponding International Code Symbols.

The problem: During professional dry cleaning, the black fabric dye bleeds out profusely resulting in the transfer of color onto the white trim fabric.

Who’s responsible? The manufacturer since the black fabric was not able to withstand the recommended care instructions without severe dye disturbance. What to do: This dress should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.


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Heads Up: Anne Klein Ladies Jacket

Heads up!  For this Ladies Jacket: Anne Klein Ladies Jacket
Brand Name: Anne KleinGeneva Cleanrs

The garment:  A charcoal ladies suit jacket with white accents made of polyester & rayon. There is black synthetic leather (polyurethane) piping trim at the neckline. The care label simply reads, “Dry Clean.” There are no International Cleanability Code care symbols.

The problem:  After professional dry cleaning the bonding agent used
to adhere the urethane film to the trim base fabric partially dissolved
causing the urethane surface film to separate, blister and peel.

Who’s responsible?  The manufacturer, since this jacket is labeled as dry cleanable and thus must be able to withstand the recommended professional cleaning process without damage to any component.

What to do:  This jacket should be returned to the place of Geneva Cleanerspurchase or contact the manufacturer.

RN#: 54050
Kasper Group LLC
Importer, Manufacturing
1411 Broadway
New York, NY 10018
Ph. 212-781-5596
Or 1-888-841-2229

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Heads Up: Ann Taylor Loft Dress

Heads Up for this dress: Ann Taylor Loft Dress

Brand Name: Ann Taylor Loft

The garment: A black, tan and cream dress made                    hu7-24-2014i1l
from a blend of polyester, rayon & spandex. The care
label simply states: dry clean with the corresponding
International Code Symbol.

The problem: Tests show that during proper
professional drycleaning in any approved cleaning
solution the black fabric dye bleeds, resulting in
transfer of black color onto the lighter fabric panels.     hu7-24-2014i2l

Whos responsible? The manufacturer since the black
base fabric was not able to withstand any drycleaning
method without bleeding, fading and adverse dye

What to do: This dress should be returned to the
retailer or manufacturer.

RN#: None CA#: 57421
Ann Canada, Inc.
Wholesaler, Manufacturing, Retailer
5600-100 King Street West
Toronto, ON Canada M5X 1C9
Ph. (416) 642-2396 or 888-563-8444

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Devastating Fire in History of Downtown Geneva, Illinois

For over 50 years, Geneva Cleaners has provided dry cleaning services in Geneva and surrounding communities, including Batavia and St. Charles. Geneva Cleaners is a family owned and operated business that has been passed down for three generations. We understand dry cleaning may be an afterthought for most people, but for us it is a way of life. Geneva Cleaners has been handed down by our family and we are truly passionate about our business and our community. Through the years our family has seen Geneva grow, build, and rebuild…

Devastating Fire in History of Downtown Geneva, Illinois

1953 Geneva CleanersThe Geneva Ace Hardware fire in 1953 burns to the ground most of the south side of the 100 block of West State Street, including the First National Bank.

On the bitter cold and windy night of Sunday, Feb. 1, 1953, the clock at the First National Bank of Geneva stopped at 7:45 p.m., marking the apex of the Geneva Ace Hardware fire—very likely the worst downtown fire in Geneva history.

And though he was just a boy at the time, longtime Tri-Com Central Dispatch Director Jerry Bleck, now retired, carries memories of the devastation to this day and compares it to the other well-known Geneva downtown fires.

1953 Geneva Cleaners“I was only 4 years old in 1953, so a little young to have many of the fire details,” Bleck said in an e-mail to Geneva Patch. “However, I had been working for the Geneva Police Department for eight years and Tri-Com and 9-1-1 was just 2 years old when the Kaiser’s Dime Store fire occurred in 1978.

“Downtown State Street has seen many disastrous fires, including the Coryell’s Tri-City Radio Shop fire, the fire in the apartments above the Little Owl, and the fire at the Fox Valley Restaurant that I do remember.”

But the fire in 1953 probably was the worst, Bleck said.

Geneva Cleaners Rebuild 1953
                     Geneva Cleaners Rebuild 1953

“Most of the south side of the 100 block of West State Street burned to the ground, including the First National Bank. The damage to the bank was far worse than the fire at the State Bank of Geneva this last October.”

The Kaiser Dime Store fire in 200 block of West State Street and the Coryell Tri-City Radio Store fire in the 0-99 block of West State State took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Bleck said.

Geneva Cleaners 1953 Page 0 (2)

Geneva Patch Original Article January 2013 – Click here for article and credits.

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Fading Bedspreads from Geneva Cleaners

Fading Bedspreads

You decide to take your favorite bedspread to the dry cleaner for cleaning before storage, but when you get it back, to your horror you discover that the colors have faded substantially.

geneva dry cleaners

Unfortunately, comforters, quilts, bedspreads, and other household items can sometimes fade during acceptable cleaning procedures. In most cases, the surface color has a streaked or frosted appearance. There may also be an overall lightening or complete change of color. Sometimes this type of color change or fading may not be noticeable until the bedspread or comforter is compared with other matching components in the bedroom ensemble.

Fading of this kind occurs when the dyes or pigments applied during manufacturing are not colorfast to drycleaning solvent. Unfortunately, the drycleaner has no way of knowing whether the dyes will fade during acceptable cleaning procedures.

When you bring in a comforter or bedspread for cleaning, tell your cleaner that you want it tested for colorfastness prior to cleaningóregardless of the label. Testing should also be done to determine which care processólaundering or drycleaningówould be safest for the color. In some cases, bedspreads that cannot be drycleaned may be laundered safely. However, there are bedspreads and comforters, especially prints, that cannot withstand washing or drycleaning procedures without fading.

If tests show that the colors may fade, you will need to decide how or if you want your drycleaner to clean the bedspread, which may result in fading of the colors. If you decide you still want it cleaned, you should have any matching components cleaned as well to ensure that the color will be consistent. Your cleaner will probably have you sign a release. Most of all, you should remember that once a bedspread or comforter has faded, the colors cannot be restored.

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Can Club Soda Really Remove Stains?

Can Club Soda Really Remove Stains?

geneva dry cleanersDoes club soda really work on spills? Everyone “knows” club soda is the ultimate remedy for instant stain removal, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Our 107-year-old professional trade association, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI), recently completed an in-depth study of the merits of club soda versus plain old water in stain removal, and as members, we’re pleased to share their findings. The short answer is “yes” club soda can be a big help in the short term, but “no” it is not the end-all, be-all stain removal miracle it is made out to be.

When applied immediately to 10 commonplace food stains DLI tested, both club soda and water removed anywhere from some to most of the stain. However, neither treatment will completely remove the stains and if left untreated the remaining stain residues can become permanent stains over time or when the garment is cleaned. On the 10 common spills that DLI’s stain removal experts used for the test, they found that after blotting a spill with either club soda or water some or most visible traces of the substance were removed; however, an analysis under ultraviolet light showed that at least a portion of nearly every stain remained after club soda or water was used.

Therefore, although it is best to try and rinse out the stain with water immediately after contact with the clothing, it is then also advisable to take the garment to a professional cleaner who can completely remove the last traces. Point out to the cleaner the area of the stain, the type of staining substance, and what attempts you made to reduce the initial spillage. If this is not done as soon as possible, the invisible remaining residue can oxidize over time and leave a permanent discoloration later, which in many cases on some fabrics cannot be removed.

For Best Results, Act Fast
When it comes time to remove the stain, the chances are greatly increased if club soda (or water) is used to rinse the stain before it dries. After it dries the degree of effectiveness drops considerably. In a coffee stain, for example, there may be sugar residue present that you may not be able to see, but it can caramelize during the drying or pressing processes, leaving a yellowish stain. A stain removal expert can remove this residue if he or she knows the stain was there in the first place. It is always recommended that customers mention any spills or attempts to remove stains at the counter. This way we will be better prepared to restore your garment to a like-new appearance.

There are also some stains that club soda actually makes worse. Ballpoint ink is almost always made up of water and solvent components. If water or club soda is used to remove this kind of stain, it could set the stain permanently into the fabric. So, with ballpoint stains, it is best to leave them to the professional stain removers.

Club soda or water will hold the stain off until you can get the garment to a cleaner: we can usually remove the stains completely if you bring it in without delay.

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